My name is Riva. The past 20 years I have spent studying psychology and spiritual practices. Today, I offer my clients both formal and alternative counselling methods to assist in dealing with your life issues, including:

• Insecurity, low self-esteem
• Loneliness and unsatisfied personal life
• Separation and divorce
• Family disputes and issues with partner
• Issues with parents, gaining independence
• Lack of motivation to work, to live, to create
• Inability to defend yourself and your interests, weak boundaries
• Loss of meaning in life, apathy
• Professional and personal growth
• Self-presentation, improvement of self-image
• Finding the best partner for yourself and becoming one
• Building long-term happy relationships
• Awareness of personal desires and needs
• Spiritual growth
• Finding resources to enhance work life balance
• Softening personal dynamics that limit professional journey
• Finding the next step on career path

Family Constellation

Family constellation is a type of therapy that’s based on the idea that problems sift down through generations to cause stress in the here and now. Even if you don’t know the traumas of your parents and earlier ancestors, you can learn them through the morphogenic field of energy that surrounds your family.

By examining our feelings and perceptions in this “field of knowing”, we can break out of familial patterns that cause us to suffer. We come to a resolution of these background issues through the family constellation, and our current problem can be easily solved.

Systemic Business Constellations

Systemic Business Constellations are a variation of family constellations. The insights available from the systemic perspective and methodology gives business leaders facing challenges at the professional and/or organisational level meaningful solutions and change. Business constellations is relatively new but powerful method to analyse complex problems, find sustainable solutions and free the energy to take the necessary steps. They give you in-depth insight and help you to establish the source of a problem in a very short time. Business/Organisational Constellations are mainly used to analyse alternatives for a possible change, to study different possibilities, to diagnose problems, in order to help the Client to discover better strategies to implement the solutions found.

Family Mediation

As Family Mediation Practitioners we provide service for people who are in conflict to provide support in their communication with each other about what is important for them and how to make decisions relevant to resolving their dispute. We aim to help clients to sort out issues and develop acceptable solutions, that potentially lead to mutually satisfactory agreements. As part of the process we might recommend Family Constellation to help you see issues beyond your individual system.
Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is now compulsory, meaning that people who wish to resolve disputes relevant to their children (parenting matters), are now required to attend Family Dispute Resolution and make a genuine effort to resolve issues, before they progress through the court system. If you want to apply to the court for a parenting order, you will need the Section 60I certificate from a registered Family Dispute Resolution practitioner to confirm that an attempt at Family Dispute Resolution was made. Section 60I certificates serve the sole purpose of allowing people to file an application in court.


Hypnotherapy is a ‘quiet medicine’ in which a soothing quiet voice is used to help you go into a state similar to day-dreaming. In this state of deep relaxation, your unconscious mind becomes very receptive to the life-changing, solution-focused suggestions given. Once the session has ended, your ‘reprogrammed’ unconscious mind implements these suggestions to enable you to make positive life changes and achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.

During hypnotherapy session, you remain in complete control at all times and you cannot be hypnotised against your will and do anything against your moral beliefs or values.
You may not remember everything you hear during the hypnosis session, but your unconscious mind will always be able to recall whatever it is important for you to remember.


Hero’s Journey to Yourself
With the support of therapist and other members of group, we create dynamic field through meditation. The energy field helps us to reveal the underlying cause of any problems in relationships, family, work, health and beyond. We unveil gently generational trauma and learn how it shapes our behaviours and decisions in life. We discover, our deep connection to the collective energy field of our family or culture and turn negative memories and thoughts into positive resources. We break the unconscious bond with our ancestors that spans in many generations and is a root of majority of our suffering today and turn this “blind love”, unconscious loyalty, into conscious love.


The main purpose of Seminars is to introduce general public to the life and work of Bert Hellinger, German philosopher, author, educator, and psychoanalyst best known as the developer of the family constellations and system constellations therapeutic methods.
Information shared is presented in a way that you can understand basic principles behind Bert Hellinger’s method. We discuss underlying order in our relationships. Ways that our lives unfold in accordance with certain predictability, and in relation to what extent we align ourselves with this order.
I explain how life and love follow certain orders which are about balancing, belonging, inclusion, wholeness and priority. Even though we are not conscious of these, they determine our relationships, our success and failure, our illness and health. It is through constellation work that we get to know about them and understand how they impact our lives.
You can also learn how to be in alignment with them, so that you can experience harmony. Below are some topics that we cover during seminars. You might want to register and indicate topic of interest to you.



Good afternoon, my name is Tatiana. I am 39 years old. Four years ago, I had an accident, after which my life completely changed. I lost a lot of strength, health, husband, good work. Life is divided into before and after. I addressed many different psychologists, went to trainings and seminars, but everything returned to normal. In September 2018, I turned to Riva Furman with a request that I was afraid to do anything, because nothing works, everything ends badly, and it feels like if I do anything, the result is only worse. She worked with me with her unique method, which includes hypnotherapy and systemic constellations. I saw that I was still living in that situation with the accident, although I thought that I had worked it completely. There were documents that I kept for 4 years and a strong hatred of one of the women with whom fate had brought me together. And I could not leave everything in the past and held on to them. I am very grateful to Riva that she showed it to me, I was finally able, after working with her, to get rid of the documents that held me back, to thank the situation, to finally say goodbye to the situation. Riva also helped me to end the relationship with that woman and move on with my life. Riva works very carefully and deeply, you can fully trust and open up to her. Thank you Riva.


Nizni Novgorod Russia 2018

I will give an example. During each workshop, we make a specific request about what we would like to change in our life. I made a request “what do I need to do to enjoy communicating with my children?”. I love my children, of course. They 5 and 6 years old and raising them without any support of grandparents is not easy. In addition, I have my own business and I am very tired mentally and physically as I am also very active person and I have many hobbies too. As a result, when it comes to vacation, for example, I do not consider the option of taking my children to a trip. For me it is more straining rather than relaxing. And I really wanted it to be different. To be able to communicate with joy, not just responsibility. After the workshop everything changed. Do not ask me how, but suddenly I realised that my children had grown up and it was interesting and joyful to talk to them. I stopped thinking only about the need to feed them or putting them to sleep. This routine no longer takes so much mental energy from me. There is a feeling of joy and tranquility, it is no longer exhausting, there is no need to make an effort or push yourself. Made my life easier? Sure. Now there is an opportunity to go on vacation alone, and for the first time I thought that I actually prefer to go with my children. It’s fantastic! Six months ago, such thoughts would cause shock in me.
Changes occur after each session. Somethings are easier, sometimes you need to work on issues for longer. Any changes pushing you to work on yourself but I really like the dynamics that occur in my life since I decided to join Riva’s workshops.
Thank you very much, Riva, for your work!


Melbourne Australia 2018


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