Hero’s Journey to Yourself
With the support of therapist and other members of group, we create dynamic field through meditation. The energy field helps us to reveal the underlying cause of any problems in relationships, family, work, health and beyond. We unveil gently generational trauma and learn how it shapes our behaviours and decisions in life. We discover, our deep connection to the collective energy field of our family or culture and turn negative memories and thoughts into positive resources. We break the unconscious bond with our ancestors that spans in many generations and is a root of majority of our suffering today and turn this “blind love”, unconscious loyalty, into conscious love.

  • We will work mainly systemically, and with the help of other group-members create family and relationship constellations to establish family dynamics that reveal the degree of intimacy, pain, love, or sense of abandonment.
  • We expose unconscious identifications and ’entanglements’ and amend breaks in the bond with parents to create flow of love.
  • We learn to move beyond judgement and to consciously open our heart to excluded or forgotten family-members.
  • While acknowledging past traumas and supporting inner healing movements, we connect to a deep ’yes’ to our parents, family members and partners as they are and as a result we gain wholeness, inner strength and learn to find our place within the family system and in life in general.
  • Each participant is invited to present personal issues from a present relationship or from his original family at the same time learn from watching and standing in other people’s constellations.
  • You will learn and experience the use of systemic constellation for business and organization.
  • You will create your family genogram (family tree) and identify inherited family traumas or patterns. This work will help you to become more aware and go beyond unconscious energy patterns that they took over from their families as children.

You will experience energy of 22 Major Arcana as we meditate on Tarot and learn how it can help us with different aspects of life. We use mediation to break out of identification with the mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.
You will learn certain techniques, like Gestalt work, and be able to apply these new skills and insights to a wide range of different life situations.
We will discover the true nature of our inner male and female energy and what would help them to find their authentic expression in work, and in life in general. We will explore the man-woman relationship and examine the things that hinder or help the love to flow between partners.
As there will be a continuous exchange of sessions under supervision, all participants will have the opportunity to dissolve personal problems around life issues such as relationship, work, body image and family. Our aim is to go through real transformation, to find our true self and heal through our ability to remain present and loving.


Good afternoon, my name is Tatiana. I am 39 years old. Four years ago, I had an accident, after which my life completely changed. I lost a lot of strength, health, husband, good work. Life is divided into before and after. I addressed many different psychologists, went to trainings and seminars, but everything returned to normal. In September 2018, I turned to Riva Furman with a request that I was afraid to do anything, because nothing works, everything ends badly, and it feels like if I do anything, the result is only worse. She worked with me with her unique method, which includes hypnotherapy and systemic constellations. I saw that I was still living in that situation with the accident, although I thought that I had worked it completely. There were documents that I kept for 4 years and a strong hatred of one of the women with whom fate had brought me together. And I could not leave everything in the past and held on to them. I am very grateful to Riva that she showed it to me, I was finally able, after working with her, to get rid of the documents that held me back, to thank the situation, to finally say goodbye to the situation. Riva also helped me to end the relationship with that woman and move on with my life. Riva works very carefully and deeply, you can fully trust and open up to her. Thank you Riva.


Nizni Novgorod Russia 2018

I will give an example. During each workshop, we make a specific request about what we would like to change in our life. I made a request “what do I need to do to enjoy communicating with my children?”. I love my children, of course. They 5 and 6 years old and raising them without any support of grandparents is not easy. In addition, I have my own business and I am very tired mentally and physically as I am also very active person and I have many hobbies too. As a result, when it comes to vacation, for example, I do not consider the option of taking my children to a trip. For me it is more straining rather than relaxing. And I really wanted it to be different. To be able to communicate with joy, not just responsibility. After the workshop everything changed. Do not ask me how, but suddenly I realised that my children had grown up and it was interesting and joyful to talk to them. I stopped thinking only about the need to feed them or putting them to sleep. This routine no longer takes so much mental energy from me. There is a feeling of joy and tranquility, it is no longer exhausting, there is no need to make an effort or push yourself. Made my life easier? Sure. Now there is an opportunity to go on vacation alone, and for the first time I thought that I actually prefer to go with my children. It’s fantastic! Six months ago, such thoughts would cause shock in me.
Changes occur after each session. Somethings are easier, sometimes you need to work on issues for longer. Any changes pushing you to work on yourself but I really like the dynamics that occur in my life since I decided to join Riva’s workshops.
Thank you very much, Riva, for your work!


Melbourne Australia 2018


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